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Subject: [Leica] flash equip for R9?
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Fri Sep 10 15:51:40 2004

If you don't mind the size, you will not be disappointed by the Metz.
The auto modes work very well for me and I get good coverage even with a
100 speed film, although I would recommend a 400 speed film for a
wedding.  With a 250th flash synch you will still be able to use fill
flash outdoors.

As with all high contrast situations, bride in very light and groom in
very dark, use a portrait film such as Portra or NHG, downrate one full
grade in ISO, and practice such tricks as underexposing ambient two
stops while keeping the flash exposure normal.  This will really make
the bride pop from the background.


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Subject: [Leica] flash equip for R9?

Hi all- I'm going to take fotos at a family wedding in Oct at Lake Tahoe
Calif outdoors and in a restaurant setting.

Any recommendations for a flash outfit?

I've have a SunPak Auto321 compact flash, a National PE-387S (28-85mm
selections), and a Metz 45Ct-1. Usually I use the SunPak, but I have
that it doesn't throw the light far enough in larger settings. The
I haven't used at all, and the Metz I've only tried once or twice- a
time ago. I'm thinking of trying the National and Metz out with a roll
film just for practice.
Thanks, Stasys

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