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Subject: [Leica] D2 & grayscale
From: oliverbryk at (Oliver)
Date: Wed Sep 8 08:18:28 2004

Ted wrote:
"Oliver Bryk asked:
Subject: [Leica] D2 b&w

> Does the manual for the D2 describe how the b&w rendering works? Does it
> remove the chroma akin to the Wratten #90 viewing filter? Desaturate the
> image as in P/S?<<<

Hi Oliver,
I looked in the Digilux 2 manual and it doesn't appear to explain anything
of this nature.

Merely directions of "how to set."


Thanks, Ted. I subsequently sent a request for detailed technical
information on the grayscale processing in the D2 to Leica. Dave Elwell's
reply follows:

"Mr. Bryk
 I'm sorry to say but Germany does not release how it is done in the Digilux
2. You will have to search the internet for the basic process. This link  has some basic information. Also search for
signal processing in digital cameras..

Dave Elwell
Leica Camera Inc. / Parts & Technical Info
156 Ludlow Ave / Northvale, NJ 07647
Tel 800-222-0118 ext 217 / Fax 201-767-3438"

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