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Subject: [Leica] the future happened yesterday
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Wed Sep 8 07:05:15 2004

Not so, Greg. Someone who knows what he or she is doing can produce
digital fine art quality prints that are certainly different from, but
in no way inferior to, prints produced by traditional means. 

There is absolutely no question that the black and white prints produced
digitally, using four or more black to gray inks, look "different" from
silver prints; any claim to the contrary is horsehooey. Silver is
silver, ink is ink. But that doesn't mean that one is "better" than the
other, any more than an oil painting of a vase of flowers is "better"
than an acrylic painting of the same vase, by the same artist, using the
same techniques. It simply means that they are different, and that there
millions of people who will prefer one to the other. My guess is that
most people who have grown up on silver will say that in some
indefinable way, the silver prints are "better." 

However, most people for whom photographic prints are simply objects,
will look at the two from proper viewing distance and be unable to tell
the difference.

Obviously, however, George's point that the split/grade enlarger system
will do on working virtually forever, while the digital printer has a
limited life-span, is quite correct.

B. D.

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George Lottermoser writes: 

> Daniel Ridings writes in part:
> >Greg, wasn't the whole point to be economical? You could pick up
> >a very good Epson for the price of the Heiland Splitgrade system :)
> The splitgrade/enlarger system will work for the next 50 - 100
> years. The epson will be toast in 5 - 10.
And in the right hands produce fine art quality prints that an Epson
Printer couldn't dream of.



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