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Subject: [Leica] I R.I.P. ILFORD now Delta3200
From: phong at (Phong)
Date: Tue Sep 7 18:19:17 2004

Feli di Giorgio
> So, lets say Ilford goes the way of the Dodo and takes Delta 3200 with it,
> what's a good replacement?

I don't shoot ISO 3200 all that much, if I did, I would
consider a Noctilux first.   When I do, I use Kodak TMZ
3200; I have been thinking about switching to Tri-X and
Diafine.  A few months ago, I shot about 10 rolls of Tri-X
exposed at 1600 and developed in Diafine, and I rather
like the look.    There's grain, but that does not particularly
bother me.  Reasons for my potential switching to Tri-X ?
Only one B&W film to deal with, cheaper than TMZ,
widely available, longer shelf-life, and less sensitive to airport
X-ray machines, at least that's what the theory says.

One more endorsement for Diafine:  the process is
downright oblivious to time; just make sure it's more
than 3 minutes for each of the 2 solutions.  3 minutes,
4 mintues, 5 minutes, who cares ?   You fall
asleep in the darkroom ?  That's ok too.   :-)
Buzz, who insists that precise focus and
exposure are overrated,  must love this developer.  :-)


- Phong

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