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Subject: [Leica] iconic shape
From: DouglasMSharp at (Douglas M. Sharp)
Date: Mon Sep 6 15:02:56 2004
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Dead right B.D.
it's just a tarted up Panicsonic in a different can - BTW the MUCH 
cheaper non-Solms version came out of nearly all tests in German photo 
magazines a few points ahead of the Leica (in spite of the Leicaphile 
tendencies of a few journalists here).
However -
IMO , having handled both, I think the Leica does actually feel like a 
It really is an extremely successful bit of re-packaging.

B. D. Colen schrieb:

>Not a chance in hell of that happening. Because there is nothing iconic
>about Leica digital. The IIIs and Ms were iconic. For anyone who know
>anything about photography, those bodies say 'HCB!W. Eugene Smith! Larry
>Burroughs! LIFE! LOOK! The Golden Age of 35mm Photography!" But the
>truth is, no matter what kind of Germinglish PR bullshit the folks in
>Solms churn out, the Digilux is just another Japanese digital P&S with a
>red dot slapped on it, sort of digital transvestite; it may be dressed
>to look like a Leica, but it forgot to shave its legs. ;-)
>B. D.
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>Subject: [Leica] iconic shape
>I wonder how long it will be before the iconic shape of a Leica is that
>of a Digilux and not an M3 or IIIc.
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