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Subject: [Leica] Re: AOL & plain text
From: bladman99 at (Dan C)
Date: Mon Sep 6 13:08:43 2004
References: <p06110400bd6253cef143@[]> <p06110400bd6253cef143@[]>

I just tested sending a Word document to myself, but instead of using my
usual email program (Eudora) to download it, I used Outlook Express (which
I only rarely use).

Outlook Express downloaded the text part of the message, and indicated with
a little paper click icon that there was an attachment.  When I right
clicked on the paper clip, I was given the option of saving the attachment,
which I did.  I was then able to open the file with Word.

Isn't this how it should be?

-dan c.

At 12:38 PM 06-09-04 -0700, Brian Reid wrote:
>It is common for Outlook (and somewhat less common for Outlook Express) to
bundle up attachments in a way that they cannot be decoded by any
non-Microsoft program. It is possible for an expert sysadmin to change the
Outlook configuration so that it doesn't do this any more.
>MIME is the name of the format by which non-text things are placed in
email messages. All attachments are sent in MIME.
>If you'll send one to, I'll take a look at it. I check
that mailbox only on special occasions, so let me know when you've done this.
>I'm answering to the entire LUG and not just to you because this is a
fairly common question.
>> While we're on the subject:--
>> I have a more or less computer illiterate friend in D.C., an AOL
subscriber.  Whenever I attempt to send her a Word (apologies for the bad
language) file, either Word 98 or Word 5.1a, I get a plaintive reply from
her to the effect that she couldn't open it and that AOL complained that I
was sending her stuff in "MIME format".
>> Brian: Can you explain?
>> Herb
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