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Subject: [Leica] Re: MORE THAN... digilux b&w
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon Sep 6 09:21:24 2004
References: <>

Emanuel Lowi response to:
> Ted Grant wrote:
> > Yep it all goes into a B&W world!  :-) Quite
> > interesting viewing in B&W
> > before developing film so to speak.
> >
> > I mean even though we had B&W film in the camera the
> > viewing through the
> > camera was still colour and we didn't see any black
> > & white results until we
> > looked at contacts or prints later.

Emanuel Lowi answered!

> HOT ZIGGITY! That's like, the opposite of the Wizard
> of Oz! You mean you can touch a button and then the
> whole world goes b&w (as long as you view through the
> camera)?<<<<<<<<<<,

Yep and trust me it's kinda weird in the viewfinder seeing it in B&W, then
look at real life in colour. It makes a Rocky Rollie horror show look like a
Friday the 13th picnic. ;-)  Particularly after several hit's of Lagavullin!

> Could they pre-program other versions into the
> viewfinder too? Like a Velvia world, a K25 world, an
> E100SW world, an Infra-Red world, etc., to suit your
> mood?<<<<<<

Just give those electronic wildmen a bit more time and they'll set-up any
old effect you want. Imagine a Lagavullin golden colour like an old western
movie in sepia? ;-)

> Who needs photography anymore? We be like scoring
> electronic drugs!<<

I don't doubt some of those electronic wizard's could do a nice '60's
spaced-out effect for any demands.:-)


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