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Subject: [Leica] Another introduction
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Sun Sep 5 15:42:24 2004
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Sorry to hear about your dad. That's a wonderful story.


Max Weisenfeld wrote:

>I have been mostly lurking for several months.   I agree with the philosophy
>that, in general, if you don't show some pictures somewhere, you should keep
>quiet.  So:
>Comments and critiques appreciated.
>Back in July, Barry Hinderks told a story about how he got his Leica from
>his friend, Rudy, and uses them to continue a legacy.
>The story sat in my inbox for six weeks.  You see, I also got my Leicas as
>an inheritance.  Back in November, my father, Stanly Weisenfeld, a 50+ year
>ASMP professional, was diagnosed with lung cancer, and on Memorial Day he
>died.  In March of this year, he gave me his Leicas  (and an Autocord, but
>that is another e-list).  When Dad retired after 38 years at Corning, Inc,
>he had Hasselblads, Nikons, and Leicas.  The only kit he kept was the
>Leicas, a pair of M5s he got as an upgrade from his IIIf kit.  In the past
>few years, he had shot mostly digital (and mostly his grandkids).
>His grandkids (the two in green shirts):
>The old man taught me right.  Started me with a Brownie Flash (you should
>see my shots of the '64 - '65 New York World's Fair) and in high school he
>got me a Nikkormat, had it CLA'd by Marty Forsher, and let me use his
>But by the Mid-80's, though, the Nikkormat was gathering dust and all I did
>was take PnS of vacations.  About a year ago I began to think about taking
>it up again, but didn't find the time.
>Then Dad got sick.  And I asked about his Leicas.
>Dad was pretty particular about his gear.  I think I had touched a Leica
>maybe twice in my life.  So when Dad gave me the cameras, I was a bit taken
>aback.  When he told me to go through and take anything else I wanted, I was
>stunned.  But when I got home and started to handle the Leicas, I was awed.
>Now I don't expect I have to tell anyone who has gotten this far into an
>unforgivably long e-mail about how a Leica feels.  But try to remember the
>first time (oh am I gonna get flamed for that line).  Try to remember how it
>made you want to put in a roll and go shoot.
>Try to remember how hard the damn thing is to load.  I mis-loaded two of my
>first five rolls.
>My wife didn't understand why I was so excited about a camera that was so
>slow to use that I kept missing shots.  First, I pointed out that the camera
>wasn't slow, I was (still am, but I'm getting better).  Then she saw the
>first prints.  The kids in the pool at swim lessons, available light, sharp
>as a tack with the 135 Elmarit and incredible color.
>Well, it's 65 rolls later and I think I am occasional getting something good
>here.  I don't have a scanner, and I haven't figured out Photoshop yet, so
>any digital issues you can blame on the minilab.  For the last four months
>of his life, my relationship with my Dad was the best ever as I shot, he
>coached, and he saw his favorite tools came alive again.  His last words to
>me were, "How are the Leicas?"
>Thanks for looking.
>Leica Users Group.
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