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Subject: [Leica] Hoods for Leica lenses
From: durling at (Mike Durling)
Date: Sat Sep 4 06:33:19 2004
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Only problem with series VI hoods and ones like the 12585 is that they 
block a good part of the the finder on LTM cameras.  The 12585 does fit 
nicely on the Summitar, but on the IIIF anyway, the angle of the ring is 
wrong for the viewfinder.  On the M series it looks like a line on the 
LTM it is much thicker through the finder.

Mike D

Peter Klein wrote:
> Nick:  I"m not familiar with the 135 Elmar.  As for the Summitar and 
> early Summicron, scrounge through bargain bins at camera stores and look 
> for slip-on Series VI hoods or combination hoods and filter holders.  
> That's what I used on my old IIIf kit, which included a Summitar. I had 
> another, smaller hood that fit over my 35 Summaron and 90 Elmar.
> John is right that newer lenses are better, particularly at wide 
> apertures.  But if you've got them and they have sentimental value, 
> might as well use them.  A possible cause of flare is that lenses of 
> that age can get foggy inside.  Shine a penlight through one end and 
> look through the other.  If you see haze, a CLA will drastically improve 
> performance.
> At medium apertures, these lenses are fine for general photography.  
> Avoid shooting the old lenses right into bright light sources, and keep 
> the Summitar at f/4 or narrower for best results, unless you want that 
> old, soft 1930s look.  If you really want a time-machine effect, shoot 
> slow, normal saturation color slide film like Kodachrome 64 with the 
> Summitar wide open.  Instant pastel.
> If you're into available light, get yourself a 50 Summilux or a 
> Voigtlander Nokton, depending on funds, and whether you prefer 
> smoothness or overall sharpness, respectively.
> Hope this helps,
> --Peter
> At 01:32 PM 3/16/04 -0800, Nick, aka CAN, wrote:
>> I have the following lenses.
>> A collapsable  50 summitar
>> A collapsable 50 summicron
>> And a 134 4.0 elmar
>> What hoods can I use? I have the hood for the new 50 2.8 elmar but I 
>> still
>> get flare. Any thoughts? It does not have to be Leica. I use my 
>> cameras....
> -- 
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