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Subject: [Leica] WTB: Large Format Lens
From: Jim at (Jim Hemenway)
Date: Thu Sep 2 19:40:22 2004
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You'll be able to take three B&W shots of each subject with red, green 
and blue filters.  Then scan'em for the associated channel, combine them 
in PS and print'em.

Take a look at this:

Oh yeah... they don't laugh at me.  Instead they drive me crazy with 
questions.  I've ruined some good shots by setting the wrong aperture, 
especially on the convertible because it has two aperture scales. all 
because people keep distracting me.

"Is that a television?"
"Why is the picture upside down?"
"Is that an old camera?"


Phong wrote:

> Jim Hemenway wrote:
>>I use a convertible Protar 300mm and 590mm on my 
>>11x14.  It's a great  lens and is less expensive than those 
>>that you mention.
>>Here is a photo taken with it with one cell, as a 590mm:
> I have the opportunity and misfortune to have seen
> the original 11x14 slide of:
> The image you see on the screen is nothing compared
> to the original.   Imagine a slide bigger than most people's 
> proofs.   Why misfortune you might ask ?  because I have been
> thinking about becoming an ulfer ever since.   And I used to laugh
> at people using anything bigger than 4x5.  Good thing I have
> a sense of humour.  Soon I can laugh at myself all the time.
> As they don't make 11x14 color film anymore, it will be the ultimate
> Zen experience for me:  I will be lugging the camera to far away
> places, spend hours seeking the perfect composition, load the
> camera with empty film holders, remove the dark slide and go
> click.
> All kidding aside, Jim's slide is just gorgeous in person.
> By the way Frank, I use a 300mm Schneider G-Claron on
> an 8x10, and that works out pretty well.  There is a 300mm
> Fujinon A on the auction site.
> - Phong
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