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Subject: [Leica] Decently Cold Weather
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Mon Aug 30 15:02:20 2004
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At 04:40 PM 8/30/04 -0400, Chandos Michael Brown wrote:
>Damn, Marc, something with which we are in entire agreement: cold weather.
>But surely even Leitz recognized that all mechanical cameras don't operate
>infallibly under extreme cold temps.  Didn't they offer a cold-weather
>variant of the Barnack series?


After the German Army seized Norway, they found that their Leica cameras
would not function effectively in the Northern part of that Kingdom during
the winter of 1940/42.  As a result, Leitz developed the IIIc(K), the last
initial for "k?gellager" or ball-bearing.  This version had the
pin-bearings on the shutter replaced by ball-bearings.  Later, Leitz found
out that only one ball-bearing was necessary and this has remained the rule
to this day.

Zeiss Ikon was also asked to produce special cold-weather Contax cameras
and did so by producing a run of Contax II and, perhpas, III cameras with
almost no oil.  These cameras are marked "K" -- though, in this case, for
"Kaltfest" or "cold-conditioned" -- internally and are not well known
though Bob Pins seems to be the expert on them.

I have never tried to use a Leica I or II in cold weather.  My Postwar
IIIc, IIIf RD, and IIIg, as well as my M3 and M6, seem to be unaffected by
ambient temperature.

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