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Subject: Re. [Leica] Conformity in Athens NOW BEING A SHOOTER!
From: feli at (Feli di Giorgio)
Date: Mon Aug 30 10:52:40 2004
References: <>

> Be it auto focusing, metering, outdoor fill flash or a host of other things
> we all did manage to do our jobs quite successfully before these things 
> came
> along.  We all did these things manually what technology now does for those
> who don't know how to do it now. 
> ...and you know what?  There is no evidence that the quality of 
> professional
> photography got any better because of it.  But what it did do was remove 
> the
> technical aspects (and barriers) for those who could not or not willing to
> learn the techniques.  Technique and learned skills get replaced by
> technology by those seek to have machines do their work for them or are not
> capable of achieving "success" by human means.
> Greg Locke

So, the shots didn't get any better, but did they get worse?

Did the introduction of all of the electronic "crutches" eliminate the
natural "weeding out" process of the craft? It takes a lot of skill and
practice to shoot on the move with a manual or basic electronic camera in
changing lighting conditions, with 10 other guys pushing and shoving AND
still manage to take a well composed/exposed/timed shot. Not exactly a
simple thing to do. I assume that back then you would only survive if you
had a certain amount of talent or desire/tenacity. Most people are not
willing to put in that much effort, unless they are truly dedicated to what
they are doing.


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