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Subject: [Leica] Re: Riefenstahl now the IOC
From: mlpowell at (Matthew Powell)
Date: Wed Aug 25 09:33:09 2004
References: <>

Sorry, I've deleted the e-mail that said that Olympia was commissioned  
by the IOC, but that doesn't appear to be accurate.

"The   International Olympic Committee (IOC) has added to its cinema  
archive by "purchasing the [film] rights" of the 1936 Summer Games in  
Berlin . Reportedly? the purchase was of Leni Riefenstahl's?  
documentary film Olympia (1938). The terms and price for this  
significant acquisition by the IOC from the German government remains  
unclear, though they include the commercial rights. Current IOC  
president  Jacques Rogge describes the famous two-part documentary as  
"...the pearl of our collection... the most eminent film in the history  
of the Olympic Games." (Source: AP) -

"The Wonderful, Horrible Life" also deals with "Olympia," Riefenstahl's  
other famous film. A government-commissioned, multi-camera document of  
the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, it has influenced the way sports has been  
covered (right through ABC's "Wide World of Sports") ever since." - 

"These films were probably commissioned by Carl Diem (1882-1962), the  
General Secretary of the German National Olympics Committee, a sports  
educator and an official in the government athletic bureaucracies of  
the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, and the Federal Republic. Diem's  
choice of Riefenstahl may have been backed up by Hitler himself; the  
films were funded indirectly by the regime." - 

The only sources I find citing the IOC as the commissioning party seem  
to be based on Riefenstahl's own words. Much like her claims of never  
having been a Nazi, and there being no political content in Triumph of  
the Will, I have little problem discounting her version of the events,  
given her vested interest in not being the biggest living Nazi (prior  
to kicking off).

If the IOC was the commissioner, then it wouldn't need to purchase the  
film from the German government, no?

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