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Subject: [Leica] Leni Riefenstahl
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Sun Aug 22 17:16:17 2004
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At 05:52 PM 8/22/04 -0600, Kit McChesney | Vuelux wrote:
>Now we all know that Riefenstahl was a master photgrapher (used Leicas!) and
>cinematographer. No doubt about that. But that doesn't make the work she
>created an accurate portrayal of history. Any more than some of the things
>that Hurley did. Both were creating propaganda. So there. 
>As for the current media bias? You mean the right-wing conservative media's
>refusal to acknowledge the truth? 


Do you condemn the quality of Sergei Eisenstein's work because it was given
in the service of a regime that killed at least ten times as many people as
did that of Germany?  I am hardly suggesting any sort of moral equivalence
other than to suggest that the BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN has to be judged by
precisely the same standards which should be applied to TRIUMPH DES WILLENS.

Are we to judge them as propagandists for the ideologies of the states in
which they live or are we to judge them as technicians producing some of
the finest cinematography ever made?  We know little of Eisenstein's
feelings but we do have a really good feel on Reifenstahl.

Again, check the archives:  I suspect that you will side with BD but,
again, I judge art as art and ideology as ideology. And I am most unhappy
with the media's spin on ideology.  (Religious nuts are hardly right-wing,
&c &c -- the Rightists advocate limited government and individual rights,
the Leftists scream for gummit programs limiting personal liberities and
reducing all citizens to a common state of servility to the authoritiies.)

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