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Subject: [Leica] RE: decline in LUG membership
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Aug 19 16:10:17 2004

On 8/19/04 9:43 AM, "Adam Bridge" <> typed:

> I REFUSE to carry a camera that communicates with me via squeaks and
> bleeps or which needs a large golden 'droid to translate and bicker!
> Shuddering....

I went to a really great Brett Weston lecture last night and there was a guy
out of an audience of 25 people who was right by me and had a DSLR of a make
I could not see. Maybe a Minolta.
He took pictures at one point I though someone or more than one person had
their cell phones turned on.
(the cell phone people being another big topic)
The beeps being given off have a quality to them where you can't really tell
where the noise is coming from. Or what they are.
I was going to ask why he still had his bells and whistles turned on but I
didn't want to get into it with these camera club people.

Both my Leica Digilux 1 and Nikon d100 have settings real easy to get to
where your camera, electronic as it is, would  be seen but not heard.
Kind of like a Leica M3.
I guess the sure way to keep these devices silent would be to just take the
battery out and put epoxy glue in where the battery went.
But that might stunt some of the devices other features.
Like turning on.
I'm sure there is a large segment of people who thrive on their toys giving
off electronic signals of all sorts with reverb and echo and don't care how
disturbing they are to the people around them.
Will claim these noises are necessary for the proper use of the gear.
And will claim that the top people all agree with them.
When you're wrong you're wrong.
And when you're THAT wrong there is no use trying to be talked out of it.

It's that Greek definition of being an idiot again.
It does not mean you're stupid or uniformed or a slow learner.
It means specifically someone who:  does not want to listen to the truth.

There are three thousand nine hundred and fifty four red Chinese invading
the coast of California at this very moment.
Anyone want to argue with me?

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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