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Subject: [Leica] LUG membership, "A Waiting for Go/Dig" issue.
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Mon Aug 16 15:32:39 2004

On 8/16/04 8:07 AM, "B. D. Colen" <> typed:

> Mark Rabiner wrote interestingly and at length on this topic:
>> I do think it was the digital thing which has widened the gap between
> Leica
>> use and Leica conversation on the LUG and in the real world. Some of us
>> are bound to feel a bit sheepish about what we talk like we are
> a
>> user of and what we really do use.
> However, I think there's something a bit weird about all this "waiting."
> Either we owned - and still owned - Leica equipment because we are
> photographers, whether photographing professionally, photographing for
> our own enjoyment, or both - or we owned it because we were poseurs. If
> we are photographers, then the photography is primary and the equipment
> is secondary, and we aren't sitting waiting for anything. We may be
> hanging onto M glass because we are awaiting a time when we can use that
> glass on a digital rangefinder of some sort. But we are also continuing
> to photograph, whether with other brands of digital equipment, or with
> our Lecia film cameras. But if we are simply frozen on the sidelines,
> unwilling to make "compromises" which involve using equipment that
> produces images not up to Leica quality, we aren't photographers, we're
> poseurs. Because if what matters to us is photography, then we are
> committed to the idea that an image captured with a Holga - or a cell
> phone camera - is better than an image not captured. ;-)
> B. D.
> Hanging onto the glass and Awaiting a digital rangefinder body while
> continuing to photograph

My thoughts exactly.

Me too!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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