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Subject: [Leica] OT: Photoshop help!
From: rolfe.tessem at (Rolfe Tessem)
Date: Sun Aug 15 19:43:02 2004
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On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 09:54:04 +0900, Karen Nakamura <> wrote:
> >
> >Well no, Print Preview should match what it prints out so it's doing
> >what it "supposes" to do. Looks like the problem here is that the
> >color gamut of the printer is way off, comparing to the Adobe RGB.
> >Possibly you have a bad printer or bad set of ink? However, if the
> >profile is a generic one from Epson, this that is what the printer
> >is capable of :-( Under Photoshop, View->ProofSetUp, select Custom
> >and load your printer ICC profile and save it. Now you can see a
> >soft proof w/o going to Print Preview. You should also turn on Gamut
> >Warning.
> The next step is to save a copy and work with the Soft Proof setting
> to your printer's profile, and then tweak the color to match what you
> want. A good way to do that is to duplicate your view and one set to
> your normal RGB and one to the Soft Proof. Now if only someone writes
> a PhotoShoop Action that says, "take from this View and make it look
> like that view" and you would be all set.
> OK. I think I've been doing this all wrong then.
> This works:  If I go to View->Proof Setup and then select my "Monitor
> RGB", I get what I've been calling the desaturated version.  I then
> go to Hue/Saturation and pump up the saturation. Then when I go
> Print->Preview, the Preview window matches the source image, and then
> the printed image matches everything.
> I guess I had assumed that if I spydered the monitor, then Photoshop
> would automatically take the monitor ICC into account. But I guess it
> doesn't until you use:  View->ProofSetup->Monitor RGB
> >When are you coming back? Would you be interested in procuring a
> >R-D1 for an online friend :-) or would that be too much trouble.
> I'm here for a year. I'm coming back in November for a conference. If
> Epson hasn't announced any american vendors, then I'd be happy to
> bring back one or two (more than that and Customs might take an
> interest in me). But you might want to know that although you can set
> the camera menus to english, the operating manual is in Japanese. At
> least the battery charger is auto-switching.

I'm going to disagree with at least part of this. In my experience,
the "Print Preview" function that brings up a PDF of the output is not
anywhere close to color correct. I'm not sure what Adobe intends this
for, but to me it is useful only for placement on the page and
ensuring that any type is correctly rendered, etc.

It sounds to me like Karen doesn't have a good paper profile. I've
found that the stock Epson glossy profiles are right on, but others
don't seem to be in the ballpark at all.

Karen, in the print dialogue if the source is selected as Adobe
(assuming that's the editing space) and your paper profile is selected
as the output and color mangement is turned off, then you are doing
everything right. There simply has to be something wroing in a profile

Rolfe Tessem

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