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Subject: [Leica] Re: My first 'PAW' (/me finally digitizes a photo :-)
From: firkin at (firkin)
Date: Tue Aug 10 23:27:33 2004
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G'day Jonathan,
lovely print and thank you for sharing your comments on the digital print. 
Despite its ease, I cannot get an image out of my ink jet which matches the 
quality and depth of the darkroom print. I suspect you have to specialize 
your printer etc, and I'm only just becoming good in the dark ;-) 



Jonathan Borden writes: 

> Well, I've been doing a bit of work on my personal website that is making 
> it possible to start posting photos (In my blog). 
> This week I found myself in need to quickly produce a prints of some of my 
> work (for a charity auction), and my B/W darkroom is not functional. I've 
> been borrowing an enlarging darkroom for the past year or so and don't 
> have access for a couple of weeks as my friend is out of town, so in any 
> case I decided to see how a Photoshop'd print on an Epson 2200 would work. 
> I have to say, dodging and burning as well as split toning is quite easy 
> in photoshop :-)) 
> I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the print. And since I did 
> digitize this negative, I've posted an entry in my blog here: 
> In comparing the Epson 2200 print (made on Entrada Fine Art Natural) to my 
> reference print made on Bergger probably developed in either Amidol or 
> Ansco 130 and gently toned in KRST, this is what I see: 
> Sharpness and detail is roughly equivalent. I don't see a huge difference 
> in tonality. D-max looks better in the FB (glossy air dried) print, but 
> the the Epson print is matte. 
> The biggest difference is that the inkjet print is definitely 'on the 
> surface' whereas the Fiber print appears below the surface of the print -- 
> this is not entirely the glossy/matte issue as, e.g., Platinum/Palladium 
> prints have that 'depth' appearance. 
> I am not sure how much of this will be apparent under glass. 
> Jonathan 
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Alastair Firkin @ work ;-) 

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