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Subject: [Leica] WAS: Color(u)r or B&W? NOW: RAW vs JPEG?
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun Aug 8 23:16:04 2004
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Nathan Wajsman said:
>>> On the RAW vs. JPEG issue, the Copenhagen shots were all JPEGs (highest
> quality setting). But I have gotten wiser quickly and now shoot only

Hi Nathan,
I know I asked the other day about shooting RAW or JPEG and the consensus
was to shoot RAW by several digi folks. As Tina pointed out, in RAW it's
like a negative. So I started to shoot RAW and a couple of things became

I really didn't see any difference! So maybe what I need is a skilled digi
shooter at the computer with me to point out what looks different when I
down load the memory card to machine for sizing, levelling, printing etc.

However! What ticked me off in RAW after the first few frames was the delay
after tripping the shutter before I could shoot the next frame. The first
time the image stayed exactly as I shot it in the view finder along with the
little square red icon indicating the image was being transferred to the
memory card. Or I believe that's what is happening when you see it. And
while that was going on everything is locked up and you can't shoot until
the red icon disappears.

And because I lost a couple of very interesting quick changing moments
waiting for this recording to complete it's phase, my immediate re-action
was... "screw this I don't have time for this crap!" And immediately
switched back to highest quality JPEG and things returned to normal shooting
as though I were using an M7! Accept this was my Digilux 2! And in JPEG I
now knock off some pretty quick frames when I have to.

So why and what did you see different in your using RAW? And becoming wiser
in doing so? Another gripe I have about RAW is, it's like using a 20
exposure roll instead of a 36 . As in on a 256 card in RAW you get about
half the number of frames.

Dang I sure must be missing something here?

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Color(u)r or B&W?

> Peter--
> Thanks! The most important part of your post is:
> >
> > Speaking of texture, the 10D photos have a very different "look" to them
> > than your film shots.  Not better or worse, just different.   I can tell
> > they're digital without being told.  Then again, they still look like
> > Nathan pictures, so it doesn't seem that using the digital is cramping
> > or changing your style.
> This is very much what I hope will continue to be the case.
> Nathan
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