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Subject: [Leica] Gosh, really Buzz?
From: buzz.hausner at (
Date: Fri Jul 30 12:19:38 2004

While my name is in the poorly punctuated title to this thread, I wish to 
point out that somebody else started it.  I did provide an honest response 
to a question from Walt J., but I do not wish to be associated with 
discussions of paranoia and national character.

Buzz Hausner

> From: "Greg Locke" <>
> Date: 2004/07/30 Fri PM 03:09:18 EDT
> To: "'Leica Users Group'" <>
> Subject: RE: [Leica] Gosh, really Buzz?
> Just one perspective from someone with over 20 years of photojournalism
> experience in about 60 countries.
> The most trouble I have ever had is in the USA and Canada.
> I've photographed Haitian drug dealers, Bosnia warlords, Rwandan military
> leaders, African militias, East German border guards, French marines, biker
> gangs, an arms dealer (even photographed his daughters wedding)neo-Nazi's,
> fishermen, miners, smugglers, poachers, prime ministers, high power 
> business
> persons and even a KKK rally and picnic. 
> The only time I have ever been threaten with arrest or physical harm by
> government "officials" is by American police/military (in the USA and
> overseas), Canadian customs and immigration and political organizers in 
> both
> countries. One was really rude and when I pointed out he was a "visitor" to
> my city and I had more right then him to be where I was he screamed for the
> RCMP who promptly appeared. A quick check of my ID and the Mr. RCMP 
> informed
> Mr. Political Stooge that I did nothing wrong and there was no reason I
> couldn't stand where I was standing.
> Like someone else said, this dick was dressed like an RCMP plainclothes
> officer... Walkie-talkie with wires, close haircut and everything. What 
> gave
> him away was his lack of professional discipline.
> ...and there was a little incident with a VERY BIG Croatian police gorilla.
> Which the Royal Canadian Dragoons were nice enough to "negotiate" me out 
> of.
> I find North American "authority figures" much more paranoid of
> photographers (God knows why) much ruder, more quick to harass and overall
> much less professional then their counterparts in Europe and even some 
> "poor
> African countries".
> Those who are confident in there positions or "skins" always act with more
> professionalism and civility. Why? Because they have nothing to gain by
> being rude or menacing. 
> Greg Locke
> St. John's, Newfoundland
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