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Subject: [Leica] Gosh, really Buzz?
From: locke at (Greg Locke)
Date: Fri Jul 30 12:09:35 2004

Just one perspective from someone with over 20 years of photojournalism
experience in about 60 countries.

The most trouble I have ever had is in the USA and Canada.

I've photographed Haitian drug dealers, Bosnia warlords, Rwandan military
leaders, African militias, East German border guards, French marines, biker
gangs, an arms dealer (even photographed his daughters wedding)neo-Nazi's,
fishermen, miners, smugglers, poachers, prime ministers, high power business
persons and even a KKK rally and picnic. 

The only time I have ever been threaten with arrest or physical harm by
government "officials" is by American police/military (in the USA and
overseas), Canadian customs and immigration and political organizers in both
countries. One was really rude and when I pointed out he was a "visitor" to
my city and I had more right then him to be where I was he screamed for the
RCMP who promptly appeared. A quick check of my ID and the Mr. RCMP informed
Mr. Political Stooge that I did nothing wrong and there was no reason I
couldn't stand where I was standing.

Like someone else said, this dick was dressed like an RCMP plainclothes
officer... Walkie-talkie with wires, close haircut and everything. What gave
him away was his lack of professional discipline.

...and there was a little incident with a VERY BIG Croatian police gorilla.
Which the Royal Canadian Dragoons were nice enough to "negotiate" me out of.

I find North American "authority figures" much more paranoid of
photographers (God knows why) much ruder, more quick to harass and overall
much less professional then their counterparts in Europe and even some "poor
African countries".

Those who are confident in there positions or "skins" always act with more
professionalism and civility. Why? Because they have nothing to gain by
being rude or menacing. 

Greg Locke
St. John's, Newfoundland


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