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Subject: [Leica] Bad Day
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Thu Jul 29 17:57:32 2004

Cut The Tree Down Now.  My house has been hit by a tree that I loved but
had gotten a little senile.  Clean up was no fun.  SonC. spent how much
money fixing his house when the tree hit it.

We had a storm through two years ago that wiped out some 100 year old
oaks. They had been damaged by two years of drought followed by one year
of flood that rotted the roots.  It cost a friend of mine $10,000 in
crane fees just to get one magnificent oak off her roof.  Then she spent
a few hundred thousand dollars to repair the house down to the
foundation.  Yes, insurance paid the bills, but nine months in an
apartment was not pleasant.

An oak that falls when it is still alive is a huge heavy lever that
smashes things until it hits ground; rafters, walls, second floor
joists, first floor walls, first floor joists, and the foundation walls
above ground.

Please create some nice firewood and enjoy many pleasant fall evenings
by a cheery fire.  Oak can make a pretty good BBQ if you mix in some
hickory or mesquite.


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>Not a good day for our neighbors just back from Hawaii! And, to boot,
>it's a tree owned by the City.
>Not high art but definately good for a racing pulse.

Ouch!  It's amazing to see how few roots the tree pulled up.  I guess
snapped off.  We have a huge oak tree in our front yard that has a spot
oak-tree-rot on the side.  The county extension agent says nothing can
done to cure the tree.  I'm afraid every time we have a storm that it
crash into my office here on the second floor.  I would hate to lose the

ancient tree that shades our whole yard, but we may have to have it cut 
down - especially after seeing photos like this.  My tree is about twice

that big!


Tina Manley, ASMP

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