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Subject: [Leica] Epson R-D1 price revealed
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Mon Jul 19 06:57:50 2004

Is this going to be officially US Imported?  Fuji makes lots of LF lenses,
but has no US importer, by their own choosing.  Epson USA likewise has many
products that they do not import.  (This is based upon my experience with
Epson USA as a  commercial company selling components to the US electronics
industry.  Their retail products  organization was more extreme in this
regard.)  The camera may be for Japan consumption only.  Or did I miss some
statement by Epson?

It WILL be (deeply ?)  discounted, regardless of market acceptance.  It is
the way things are done in retail electronics marketing.  When the product
has reached its predetermined end of marketing life, which is usually a few
months to a year, and if there is still some inventory left, it gets
discounted to move it from inventory.

For those that wish to find a taste of Epson's actual behaviors..... go
to.... then select the US as the country of interest, then
select "clearance center".

BD's comment on what you want or do not want is based upon your personal
reason to own the item.  In the case of a PJ, it may be more than reasonable
to expect a camera to last only a year or 2.  Maybe even a single assignment
to pay back.  In almost any circumstance I can imagine, parts will be
available over a period of 1 year.  In the case of a starving student, it
may be years of useful life to be practical, and for those years, there had
better be repair facilities and parts available.

Frank Filippone

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