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Subject: [Leica] transporting film
From: s.jessurun95 at (animal)
Date: Fri Jul 16 11:33:38 2004
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Tampa is imigration hell.They have a training school for immigration
officers there.
The oddest thing that ever happened to me there was an officer drawing his
gun and threatening to shoot if i didn,t tell him my income.The customs
people in the row behind immigration were ready waiting with complaint
Strange things happen there.
simon jessurun
> Don't you know that all Irishmen are members of the IRA?  ....JUST
> KIDDING!!!  ...but this is the mind set of those without minds.
> On the note of what all this (and the discussion about the poor guy in
> Seattle) I have come to the conclusions that the terrorists have won.
> Not that people are afraid to move for fear of terrorist attack but
> people are now being terrorized by there own governments (not singling out
> the USA, either. Canada has been doing some nasty stuff to its citizens,
> albeit, those with brown skin)) and travel is no longer convenient.
> I, for one, will now drive where I used to fly if at all possible.
> I even turned down an assignment in the USA recently because I just didn't
> need the hassles of travelling with cameras and film, dealing with being
> arrested at the border for not having an obscure piece of paper. It's just
> not worth it. Its no fun and it ruins both business and vacation travel.
> A few years back I was taking my family (wife and two children) to visit
> relatives (US citizens and Republicans) in Florida and do the Disney World
> thing with the kids. As the nice immigration man (and he was very polite
> congenial for an immigration officer) at Tampa was checking my passport
> eyes fell on the stamps for Croatia, Rwanda, Zaire, Bulgaria, Schipol,
> Heathrow, Kenya, Turkey, Burundi, Haiti and I could see his eyes go wide
> the questions began.
> What do you do, why were you there, was it business. I'm a journalist
> you have a journalist visa?  I'm on vacation see, wife and little girls.
> This man sees pasty white Canadian tourists year round but my passport
> through him. Thankfully, I was only carry a couple of Leicas and my
> three year old came to the rescue and we all got to see Mickey.
> It was no big deal, and he was a decent guy, but that mixed with the
> insanity I now avoid travel to the USA if at all possible.... Even to
> my aunts, uncles and cousins.
> Osama and his boys must be laughing their faces off in delight. They
> succeeded. They have brought "western civilization", especially the USA,
> the point where they may cease to function as free states ...or with what
> little freedoms we used to enjoy.
> They never have to carry out another attack to perpetuate terror. Our
> governments are now doing it for them. Its OUR governments that are
> restricting our movements, searching and detaining innocent people,
> restricting whatever civil and human rights we have in our respective
> countries.
> Greg Locke
> St. John's, Newfoundland
> (the place where I hide when not visiting the world's misery)
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> July 8 - 18, 2004
> St. John's, Newfoundland
> >
> >
> > Any you appear to be so terrorist-like.
> >
> > Last time I went to Washington DC, the fellow traveling with
> > me (67 years old, 140 pounds, Irish, conservative
> > accountant-type looks, charcoal gray suit) got detained at
> > every single point possible. Perhaps the least likely
> > terrorist if we are counting looks.
> >
> > Jeffery Smith
> > New Orleans, LA
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