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Subject: [Leica] Dimes For Hunger
From: images at InfoAve.Net (Tina Manley)
Date: Sun Jul 11 09:04:11 2004
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You're on, Ted!  The next trip to Honduras is August 13-22.  It will be a 
building trip, not a medical one.  Our medical brigades have visited the 
tiny community of Estanzuela, near the border with Guatemala, and provided 
basic health care for the 50 families of Chorti Maya people who live 
there.  They have a Heifer Project of cattle that is very successful, but 
the families' main need now is housing.  They now live in one-room mud huts 
with thatched roofs.  We plan to build three-room concrete block houses 
with tin roofs.  The community has already started on the foundations for 
all 50 houses and are making the concrete blocks themselves.  The community 
will finish all 50 houses before anyone moves in and the houses will be 
assigned by a lottery.  The group that is going includes several 
contractors and we will be taking our own tools and buying some 
there.  Nobody needs any specific skills because we'll spend a lot of time 
mixing mortar and making rebar.  Anybody can do it.

This trip will be different because Estanzuela is just a few miles outside 
of the tourist town of Copan.  Our group will stay in a nice hotel in Copan 
with hot water and good food.  One day will be spent touring the Mayan 
ruins of Copan - one of the most beautiful of the Mayan ruins in Central 
America.  Everybody on this trip is paying $2000 which includes airfare 
from Charlotte, room and board and transportation for 9 days, and $800 to 
pay for one house.  Anybody who is interested should get in touch with me 
ASAP so I can arrange flights and rooms.

The next medical brigade will be to Guatemala in September, but that trip 
has been planned for a year and is full.  The next medical brigade to 
Honduras will be tentatively June 17-26, 2005.  The way we work the funding 
is that you pay one third, your church or sponsors pay one third, and our 
presbytery pays one third.  It ends up costing around $2100, including 
airfare from Charlotte, lodging and food and transportation for 9 days in 
Honduras and medical supplies, so you would pay around $700 yourself and 
find a sponsor or church to pay $700.  Normally we require that all of the 
participants of trip be able to meet together once a month for 6 months 
before the trip to get to know each other and learn about the country and 
culture of the people we will be visiting.  I'm sure that could be done by 
e-mail instead.

We always need medical people to volunteer, but will take lay people, too, 
who will learn to take blood pressures and give out medicines.

If you are still interested and those dates fit your schedule, let me know 
so I can start planning.  Thanks for your willingness to help!


At 07:25 PM 7/10/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Tina said:
> >>> Want to go?  I'll take anybody, anytime.<<<<
>OK kid yer on! Let's talk and I'll donate whatever material I shoot to your
>organization for promotion, wherever whenever.
>And I'll pay all my own way! let's talk.
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

Tina Manley, ASMP

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