Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/07/06

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Subject: [Leica] Elmarit vs. Anything Cheaper, or is this a good buy?
From: phong at (Phong)
Date: Tue Jul 6 17:03:33 2004

Hi Jeff,

$950 is too high a price;  I sold mine
for $750, and have seen others at that price.
It is a superb lens though.  I now use the
90mm Cosina Voigtlander 90mm lens
in LTM, and also highly recommend it
if you want something lighter, in weight
or in cost.


- Phong

Jeff Sumner wrote:
> I?ve the opportunity to buy a nearly unused late model (last couple of
> years) 90mm Elmarit for about $950. The lens is in nearly new shape.
> Here?s the rub. I?m used to the focal length by way of the J-9 on
> a Contax.
> I?ve only a 50mm and 35mm for my M-6, and I?d like to get a longer lens
> before I go on vacation.
> If the lens is in the almost completely unused condition, would
> many on the
> group pay $950 for a black Elmarit based on the extraordinary optical
> performance? To be honest, I?m a bit strapped for the purchase of
> the M-6. I
> don?t mind getting older lenses if they?ll perform reasonably for
> the money
> (and am considering just going to a Hektor for the tight shots for the
> price!)
> I?m not going to monkey with a J-9 LTM lens, I?ve heard too many
> nightmares
> with focusing and other issues.
> JD

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