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Subject: [Leica] casette question
From: s.jessurun95 at (animal)
Date: Sun Jul 4 09:18:58 2004
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thanks you
simon jessurun
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From: "bill harting" <>
To: "Leica Users Group" <>
Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2004 4:30 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] casette question

> It looks like a Leica cassette. See Tom Abrahamsson posting of the other
> day:
> (quoted from Tom Abrahamsson):
> I bulkload odd films like movie-tock (Super XX, Agfapan 250 and Tech-Pan).
> Rather than use a bulk loader I go into the darkroom and just unwind the
> film
> out of the can, extend my arms fully and chop of the film. This gives me
> about
> 37-38 exposures per strip - roughly 67-68 inches of film. I use the Leica
> IXMOO cassettes - all metal and the lock on the regular baseplate (older
> type)
> will open the cassette and there is no problem with scratches as the
> is
> big enough (8mm) to let the film clear the edges. You do need to cut a
> V-shaped end for the spool on these - after a while you get the hang of it
> and
> there is less bleeding from fingertips "Oh, that was not the film, that
> a
> finger!". The old Leica template, ABLOON, had a nice "shaper" for that and
> simply made my own from a piece of brass plate.
>  For general films like TX and ACROS I use pre-loaded stock. Quicker and
> easier and the IXMOO cassettes are difficult to explain to Airport
> Guards. It has three different components, an outside shell, an inside
> and a
> center spool - all are made from metal and the weight is noticeable and on
> the
> X-ray it looks quite suspicious. It is a very complex piece, springs and
> catches galore and you better get some reject film to try with first.
>  The movie-stock is interesting - at the moment I am shooting Super XX and
> rating it at 250. Great film - not as fine grained as Tri-X but with an
> extended
> mid tone, virtually no "shoulder"  tons of details in the highlight areas.
> If
> you treat it like Tri-X and cut the time by 10-15% (D76 1:1 at 8,5
> you are in the ballpark. I still have a 100 ft roll of Panatomic-X in my
> freezer that I will use up this summer. I might need to add some Kodak
> Anti-Fog
> tablets to the developer, but even after 20+ years it should give me good
> negatives. You can usually find the Leica cassettes at swap-meet for
> reasonable
> prices, but beware, the only ones that work on the M's are the ones with
> chrome
> "knobs" on them. The ones with black paint knobs work on screw-mount
> but not on the M's  as they are 2mm taller. The IXMOO (chrome knob) will
> work
> on both screw and M-mounts. Movie-stock comes in 400ft cans and I usually
> get
> about 75-79 rolls out of one can and I keep 80 of these cassettes around
> that. A couple of hours work to load them all and then you can shoot to
> hearts content. They are heavy though and ? dozen in your pocket makes you
> list
> noticeably! They are absolutely light tight and never a scratch. They are
> also
> great for short pieces of film - testing a developer or a lens.
> Tom A
> --------------------------
> Tom Abrahamsson
> Vancouver, BC
> Canada
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> From: "animal" <>
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> Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2004 9:29 AM
> Subject: [Leica] casette question
> > Hi ,
> > Would anyone tell me what this is?
> >
> > The serial number is illegible.
> > Thanks
> > simon jessurun
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> (I use these cassettes, too) bh
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