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Subject: [Leica] Fuji Acros 100
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun Jul 4 04:41:37 2004

On 7/3/04 9:57 PM, "Nathan Wajsman" <> typed:

> I also use XTOL 1+3 with Acros, it is the developer of choice. My times
> are slightly shorter than Don's (more in the 15 minute-range) but that
> is probably because I use a Jobo with continuous agitation. It is in my
> view the best B&W film available. The SS is good if you like huge grain.
> It is not the same as Acros, and the two B&H links make it clear since
> they include a picture of the box.
> Nathan
I believe ACROS is the only Fuji Neopan black and white film which is tab
grain. The 400 and 1600 are not so bad without it however.
I also use it with Xtol at 1:3 as the film I use with I'm going high res.
Although with a metal tank and one minute agitation cycles.
One of these days I'll test it against Pan F but right now it seems more
than ok to me.
The Efke 25 I notice on the internet but I have a hard time taking things
like film seriously when I cant get it locally. I'm not that organized.
And I believe what Across does as a tab grain 100 film of another color
combined with Xtol 1:3 which is a gift from the gods competes well against
the super slow films. Without being super slow. Actually being medium.
100 is medium if you ask me.
Medium rare.
But extra crispy on the outsides.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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