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Subject: [Leica] Leica lenses on Canon DSLRs
From: george at (George Lottermoser)
Date: Tue Jun 22 13:38:06 2004

Nathan Wajsman6/22/04

>I suspect there are others here who do likewise. I would like to 
>hear how well this works, in particular, how much the stop-down >metering 
>detracts from the whole experience

I use a Canon 10d with:
        Leica 21 / 4
        Leica 35 / 2
        Leica 60 / 2.8
        Leica 80 / 1.4
        Leica 100 / 4 (bellows)
        Leica 180 / 2.8
        Leica 400 / 6.8
        Leica 2x
        Canon 20-35 / 2.8
The manual aspects don't bother me much. I tend to work comfortably in 
manual mode on the R8 as well as the 10d for most cirumstances.
However, the focusing is a pia. The only lens that I can focus with any 
significant confidence in hand held work is the 80 and wide open. And I do 
love this lens/body combination for fun people portraits. But the screen is 
just too small and too dark compared to the luxurious R8 view.

The 100 on the bellows and a tripod works pretty good. The 400 can be ok in 

For carry-around, general purpose on location, or in the studio and as a 
digital/polaroid/lighting-tester/meter - the Canon 20-35 1:2.8 EF L stays on 
the 10d body and AF is mostly used (because the ground glass sucks).

Fond regards,

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