Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/06/09

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Subject: [Leica] RD/BD Confusion: The Final Test
From: nicholsj at (Jim Nichols)
Date: Wed Jun 9 13:44:48 2004

I appreciate all of the help in working out the ID of my Leica IIIF 
which has RD shutter speeds and Serial Number, but a Black Synchro 
Scale.  I just picked up a test roll with several strobe flash shots and 
the combination of 1/50th and "20" on the synchro scale gave perfect 
exposures, so I'm now convinced it is a full fledged RD.
I'm reminded that this is not my first experience with a synchronized 
Leica.  When I purchased my used Leica IIIa in 1952, it had been 
modified by E. Leitz, Inc., New York 13, N.Y. and fitted with a Leica 
Synchronized Flash Unit, Model VIII (there was also a Model VIII-A, 
which fit the longer base plate of the Model IIIc).   This modification 
involved milling a slot in the circular plate on the bottom of the high 
shutter speed shaft and providing a new baseplate with adjustible synch 
settings, a battery-powered flashgun, and connecting cord.  This system 
worked great with Press-40s and other long-duration flashbulbs of the 
50s and 60s, but, to the best of my knowledge, was not compatible with 
zero-delay strobe systems.  Am I the only one who used this system?