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Subject: [Leica] Hello and New Gallery- Take 2
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Mon Jun 7 07:22:20 2004

On 6/6/04 10:49 PM, "Walker Smith" <> wrote:

> Matt,
> The Leica is an incomparable photographic instrument and worthy of every
> accolade it's ever been given. OTOH, the Exakta was to SLR's what the
> Leica was to rangefinders. It's unique trapazoidal body remained
> essentially the same until the end of production..... not counting the
> later Praktica-based body of the RTL-1000 or cameras that carried the
> name but were not Ihagee produced. The camera itself is idiosyncratic
> with it's left-hand shutter release, film-cutting knife, separate slow
> shutter speed dial and more. They were well built and reliable and
> capable of taking excellent photographs. Under Communist management they
> didn't evolve and were surpassed by dozens of newer designs with more
> features. Even so, I'd never apologize for owning and using Exaktas.
> They are a fun camera and I'll probably depart this earth with several
> still in my keeping. Of course, I'll also still have my Leicas and
> several other makes too. Just because I own the Rolls-Royce of miniature
> cameras doesn't mean I can't drive other marques too. I enjoy them all.
> I just enjoy the Leicas a bit more.
> Walker
Well now Leicas are trapezoidal with the R8 and 9.
And soon with have monitors on the back to aid in instant image capturing.
Or not.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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