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Subject: [Leica] Michiel's PAW 21/22
From: michiel.fokkema at (Michiel Fokkema)
Date: Sat Jun 5 15:44:18 2004
References: <> <001601c44b27$2f5824d0$82f7fea9@D1WTYD41>

bill harting wrote:

> I'm impressed with what can be done (what you can do) with a 1.4 lens --I 
> am
> assuming (always dangerous) that the interior shot was at or near wide 
> open.
> My fastest lens is an f2, but all the talk about aperture has made that 
> seem
> insignificant.
> Nice shots, Michiel

Thanks Bill,

I must confess that I hardly use the 35/1.4 at full aperture because it 
is not very good wide open. And if I use it wide open I make sure the 
subject is in the middle of the frame to get at least some sharpenes. 
Stopped down a bit the 35/1.4 is as good as any other lens, and it is 
very compact. I also like the focusing tab combined with the aperture 
flangs that makes it very easy to operate with two fingers. With some 
practice you can focus and meter at the same time within a fraction of a 
This makes it my standard lens for the M.

Best regards,

Michiel Fokkema

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