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Subject: [Leica] Re: LUG Digest, Vol 27, Issue 276
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Jun 3 13:13:26 2004

On 6/3/04 12:33 PM, "" <>

> In terms of pricing fine art photographs (which means matted and framed, of
> course), generally speaking, an 8x10 goes for about $125-$150, a 16x20 about
> $300-$350.  You would typically sign the mat.  Color and B&w are about the
> same. 
> I put a price of $750 on an 16x16 (matted to 20x20) in a NICE frame which
> was toned in multiple toners. Didn't sell, but that is the price it would take
> to part with it. The gallery will often charge between 10% to 35%, which comes
> out of the price you receive.  Photographers sometimes offer unframed prints,
> with an 8X10 going aobut $35-$50. Hope thats helpful! Now, tell me where I can
> buy the Ansel Adams photos for those prices! Larry

Would LOVE to find out where these numbers come from they are Fig Newton's
of someones imagination the suspect being DrLarry.
Your typical up and coming but unheard of yet photographers 8x10 or 11x14
fiber archival (of course) print goes for 2 or 3 hundred bucks. Black and
white more so than color but that depends on the color process. Matting and
framing not a big issue. Size is often not such a big issue as well unless
things go to an extreme.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon


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