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Subject: [Leica] Re: Depression
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed Jun 2 15:06:29 2004

On 6/2/04 6:19 AM, "Tina Manley" <> wrote:

> At 06:07 AM 6/2/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>> Would you rather have $500 from the sale of one fine art print or $5 from
>> 1000 posters?
> Definitely $500 for one sale.  The $5 sale gives the impression that
> photography is a cheap commodity.  That impression can only hurt
> photographers trying to convince photo editors that their copyrighted
> photographs are valuable.

People need to be educated to the fact, and there was a wall street journal
article on this ten years ago, that there is no better investment period
than "art". Five hundred bucks for something which looks good over your sofa
is better then any stock or real estate investment. All the artist has to do
is remain mediocre and your investment will triple in no time flat. Should
the artist excel and you of course do better. Should they die and win the
jackpot in the investment department. Plus you get something over your sofa
you really like. And not something which came off a high speed printing
press 300 sheets a minutes whose actual value is five cents. Certainly worth
a very small fraction of what the frame cost. Hell what the glass cost!
When most people buy what they think of as "art" they are buying picture
frames. We are talking in the 20 to 80 dollar range.
They need to be taught the different between a photograph of a painting; and
a painting.
They need to be taught the different between a photograph of a photograph,
halftoned and inked; and a photograph.
The difference between silver and fast drying ink.

I think 500 bucks is a good price point of graphic arts.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon


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