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Subject: [Leica] Summilux-M 50
From: leicaman at (Dan Cardish)
Date: Fri May 28 08:09:16 2004

In terms of the current 50, I would tend to agree.   I've taken some lovely
photos with that lens, and I fear what Leica might end up doing to it in
the new formulation.

Same thing applies to the 75.   I'm sure it isn't the sharpest lens ever
designed, but nothing compares with it when it comes to that "Leica glow".

-dan c.

At 07:29 AM 28-05-04 -0700, Thomas Pastorello wrote:
>   I believe the current Summilux-M 50 IS the best
>lens Leica (or for that matter anyone) ever made.  In
>addition to its two main attributes of near absolute
>freedom from flare and a signature bokeh of subtle
>beauty, it is characterized by an artistic balance of
>high resolution and realistic contrast -- even wide
>open.  It is perfectly balanced on the M body, such
>that hand-holding is easy at 1/4 -- which makes it
>very fast indeed at f1.4 (more so than the less well
>balanced and holdable Noctilux at f1.0).
>   Will the new Summilux-M 50 ASPH have higher
>contrast and resolution than the current?  Of course
>-- no need to wait for the Puts report!  If all I
>wanted was the highest possible (and most useless)
>resolution and contrast, all I'd have to do is slap an
>adapter and a process lens on any camera body.  If the
>new Summilux-M 50 ASPH has the look and feel of most
>other new Leica ASPH lenses, with harsh bokeh and
>flare proneness, I will not buy.  To learn about flare
>and bokeh, I'll have to look at reports other than
>Puts'.    Tom
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