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Subject: [Leica] This here fancy 50
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu May 27 10:11:45 2004

Ted, as the Energizer Photographer may you just keep shooting, and
shooting and shooting and...

B. D.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] This here fancy 50

B. D. Colen admonished: ;-)
Subject: RE: [Leica] This here fancy 50

> Good Lord, Ted - What have you been drinking to think that "Leica 
> photography" is about content? Get a grip! Leica photography is about 
> resolving power, lines per inch, micro detail; it's about being able 
> to see each individual fiber in the subject's sweater - never mind if 
> the way the image is shot the subject is having her bead tri-sected by

> telephone lines; never mind if the photo shows grandma standing in 
> front of the Eiffel Tower staring straight into the $2500 50 mm lens. 
> By God, that image is sharp!
> Sober up, Big Guy!! :-) <<<

OOPS! Sorry mate, my outburst was due to an early morning caffeine

Thank you for sobering me up to the realities of "sharpy, crispy,
properly contrasted, orgasmic bohek patterns. ;-) And whatever else
occurs when you go click!"

And of course, I thoroughly understand because it's shot with a Leica
every frame ever exposed is a completely meaningful wondrous perfectly
timed decisive moment of crispy aspheric exquisite excellence! :-)

The content may suck, "but damn she'll sure be sharpie!" ;-)

I'm kidding guys and gals as Leica gear and lenses have taken me through
the thick and thins of war, the wild and exciting times of the Olympics,
politics and Royal Tours with the Queen. Not to forget producing a
number of books and assignments far too many to remember.

As today is my 75th birthday and a little celebration of the day is to
expose a roll of B&W in a wonderfully preserved and working 1932 "Leica
a" I've had for some time. So once in awhile I take it out, crank a roll
through it apart from a shutter speed wind and trip routine every couple
of months just to keep it loosened up. So today seemed like the film

I bought it from a widow lady some years back for $50.00 bucks! ;-)

I set the shutter speed dial to a slow number, tripped the shutter, it
went whirrrrrr, click and that was it. I explained it was probably
broken and not worth much so "How would $50.00 be ?" My inner evil self
chortling inside.

She says, "It can't be worth that much, but if you can spare it that's
fine." There I was thinking you mean ass SOB stealing from this old
lady, when I remembered her late husband was a millionaire and now she
was. I smiled and handed her a $50. bill. :-)

Oooooooooooh and it felt soooooooooooo gooooooooood! :-) The devil in me
was now rolling on the floor laughing his ass off! :-) However, my
comeuppance was a CLA bill from Leica for just over $500! :-(  So much
for the $50.00 steal.

Anyway shooting a roll on my 75th is a kind of fun thing to do with a
Leica of similar vintage. :-)

Crispy images? Hell who cares, it'll be fun! :-)


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