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Subject: [Leica] Seeking suggestions for greater color negative latitude
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat May 22 11:58:14 2004

On 5/22/04 10:34 AM, ""
<> wrote:

> I photograph black Giant Schnauzer dogs and have arrived at the following
> procedure for best results so far:
> Film: Kodak Royal Gold 200
> Light: Natural sunlight at 8-9 A.M. (low angle; air still cool)
> Equipment: 90 Apo Asph on M3 and 100 Macro Apo on SL-2, on tripods
> Exposure: Measuring incident light with Gossen Luna Pro SBC @ ASA 100 (not
> 200)
> Printing: Kodak 5x7" "Perfect Touch" (scanned on "Perfect Touch" paper)
> The results are quite nice and a fantastic bargain @ just 30 cents per print
> in 2
> days. The detail and gradation of tones in the blacks are beautiful.
> My limiting factor on close scrutiny is the slight loss of gradation in
> highlights
> in white teeth or chrome collars. How do I change my technique to bring down
> the
> brightest areas? What better films for this purpose exist?
> Thanks, Harry
Is your stuff being processed and printed by who? A pro lab or Walgreen's?
I think it's good to start with figuring that out before we get all
technical. Because often peoples sophistication in gear do not match their
sophistication in follow through of workflow (please strangle me for using
the word "workflow". The idea might be to match ones technique to the
mediocre "lab" but that in the long run does not work out.
Bring it to a pro lab if you're not already. The definition of an
acceptibable print is one in which your highlight detail is appropriate.
That's "how one prints". Unless it's untouched by human hands which sounds
like the case. (monkeys are easily distracted)
The latitude of color neg film is such than even if your were off by more
than a stop results as you want should have obtainable in a print.

Also for such a worthy project as yours (I'm a dog lover) I'd:
Not get my film at Wal-Mart.
    or other such places.
        but pay more for stuff you know has been kept refrigerated.
            as in Fuji professional 160 NPS
(check out this example:
                it takes a lickin but keeps on ticken.

Personally if it was me I'd go with the 400 as it looks in about all ways
better than the 100 speed films which were usually overkill ten years ago.
I know you are using the tripod this does not change my mind.

And the Kodak films are neck in neck with Fuji. The Portra films are just
Natural color, controlled light
Higher speed, natural color"
They're called "Portra" because there is no way that anything you'd ever
shoot with your camera could ever be not a portrait. A portrait of a tree,
mountain, loading dock, dog. Which is why Kodak is doing so well.
The flesh tones of all the loading docks I've shot have been perfect!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon


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