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Subject: [Leica] Sheer Illogical Stupidity?
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Fri May 21 11:08:52 2004

When I have been out in the sun my complexion gets pretty dark and my
hair start to curl.  However, even at the end of summer, I have never
been harassed by police or security.  Yes, I have been approached, but
it is all in how you handle the situation.  Tell the truth, explain why
you are there, seek guidance, don't show fear or hesitation, and most of
all, be pleasant to the officers.  Almost always the situation ends up
as you describe, tour, and access.  Occasionally, there really is some
reason for me to not be where I am (41 coming into Houston) so another,
better time is arranged.


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With regard to the NYC transit system ban on photography -- it would be
interesting to learn what one must do to earn "written authorization" to
take pictures.  It's not necessarily a totalitarian edict. It could be
simply an inconvenience, e.g. --

One evening about two years ago, I set up my Rollei on a tripod in front
the U.S. Capitol building to catch a few moody night shots. In less than
minute, two Capitol police officers approached and politely asked me to
desist my photographic activities immediately, explaining that tripods
not permitted on the grounds without a "tripod permit". I was then
into the Capitol's basement security office to apply for said permit.
the way, I was given an interesting and enthusiastic private tour of the
building. Once in the security office, issuance of the permit required
I complete a short application form and submit to an NCIC background
via computer. The entire process took about fifteen minutes and, with
in hand, I was soon back to picture-taking.

If, perhaps, my name contained a few more consonants and my hue had been
duskier, my "harrassment" might have been more severe. I would hope not,
but --

If the Montreal incident is not being misrepresented by the subject and
/ or
misreported, it is truly shameful. However, finding a balance between
reasonable precaution and perceived infringement of rights and
privileges --
or personal insult -- is nearly impossible.

We can, however, be certain that if lives are ever lost on the NYC or
Montreal subway system due to a terrorist attack, at least some of the
people now predicting the end of Western Civilization at the hands of
"stupidly illogical" will cry the loudest in their demands to know why
carnage was not forseen and prevented by whatever means necessary.  That
said, I also fear that the "precautions" of today will escalate into
permanent suppressions of personal freedom.

There are no easy answers.

Washington, DC

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