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Subject: [Leica] Best Lenses To Take To Honolulu
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Tue May 18 13:34:47 2004

And, btw, if you put woven straps - like the Domke straps, on your
cameras and camera bags, you can take a guitar string and weave it
through the strap length wise - which will most definitely ruin the day
of the sneak thief with the knife or razor....

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Subject: [Leica] Best Lenses To Take To Honolulu 

      This is really basic, and maybe it's me, but the days are long
when you can wander around a strange city with lots of expensive camera
around your neck and feel safe.
      Once you step outside your hotel, whether or not you're carrying a

camera, you're a tourist [with money in your pocket] and fair game for
all sorts 
of low lifes. Without even touching you, a sneak thief with a knife or
razor or 
a kid on a motorcycle can relieve you of your Leica or handbag and be
gone in 
seconds before you even realize the loss. 
      Based on personal experience,  unless you're a pro or have someone
lug your stuff , I would take no more than would fit in a small canvas
bag: a 
camera, a lens, perhaps a table-top tripod and as much film as you want.
      As for taking a 560mm lens, I have a 400mm, which is enormous [and

heavy], so a 560 mm lens must be humongous, best used with a heavy
tripod. Imagine 
lugging around 5 pounds of a deadweight lens all day, every day plus a
tripod and a camera and some film and something to put it all in. -- bob
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