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Subject: [Leica] Best known photo ?
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Mon May 10 16:00:48 2004

At 06:00 PM 5/10/04 EDT, wrote:
>The Eddie Adams shot of the 
>killing of the prisoner and Nick's shot of the girl probably did more to 
>create resistance to the US involvement in Vietnam than any other coverage.

Hmm.  Tom, I will dissent to the point that the Gallup and Harris polls
into 1973 showed that US resistance to the War was directly based on the
apparent unwilliingness of the Government to WIN the war.  That is, at the
very point when the Republic of Viet-Nam was dieing, the average US citizen
supported massive US support to bolster that government.  I recognize the
impact these images had -- I was in college from 1968 until 1974 -- but, in
the end, the impact on the US electorate was the inability of the US
government to commit itself to winning the war.  College students did not
then, and do not now, vote:  in terms of those who DID vote, the war ought
to have been pursued and "victory" should have been achieved.  (Ah!  now,
just what "victory"meant varies from person to person!)

The failure was on the part of those supporting the War effort:  they faded
as the news media pounded on them.  Compare this to today, where the Bush
supporters are relatively immune to the intense flurry of
anti-Administration talk by the media.  Perhaps the Right has learned much;
 perhaps the Left has revealed its inherent fallacies.  In any event, the
situations in 1968 and 2004 are radically different despite the best
efforts of those of you who lust after protest marches as the Photo Op of
the Week.

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