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Subject: [Leica] "Che Guevara" booklet PDF
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Mon May 10 15:48:01 2004
References: <008201c436cd$d8278240$6d01a8c0@CCA4A5EF37E11E> <008201c436cd$d8278240$6d01a8c0@CCA4A5EF37E11E>

The Che portrait which those meatheads of the 1960's posted on their walls
was made by a Cuban photographer whose work is really excellent but whose
name escapes me at the moment -- he was known as the "Latin American Eisie"
and I believe that he is still alive.

The standard picture of Mao, however, has to take the cake;  it has been
reproduced approximately ONE BILLION times and is still seen everywhere in
Not-Quite-Still-Red-China and many other areas of Asia, especially in North
Korea and whatever remains of the carcass of Viet-Nam.  The standard
picture of Lenin, to my knowledge, comes in second at around 750 million

Che and Farah Fawcett can wander away in shock and awe.  It helps to be an
ikon of a tyranny, as your picture will then be everywhere and for all
time, as these dudes are too stupid to understand the virtues of changing
ad campaigns occasionally.

B.D., I am certain, will jump to the defense of our Marxist brethren but,
in the end, their exulgence of photographic imagery makes even his own most
wonderful images fade to nothing by way of comparison.  

All power to the people!  But, then, just who ARE the people?  

Marc  FAX:  +540/343-7315
Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!

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