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Subject: [Leica] Re:Re: Ten years behind? I think not.
From: fmaturana at (Felix Lopez de Maturana)
Date: Fri May 7 07:00:18 2004
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>I have an extensive EOS system and a limited R system.
>I find the R8 by far the most ergonomic and logical
>reflex body I have ever used, though i consider it
>ugly. The control layout and viewfinder are lightyears
>ahead of and EOS1n. I OTOH find the lenses a bit pricy
>for an amateur. I am waiting to see what I personally
>think of the digi back before deciding whether to buy
>it or an EOS 1Ds.

I have too an extensive EOS system -four bodies and nine lenses from 14mm to
400mm- and find not their layout as beeing "lightyears" behind the Rs. Nice
and exaggerated astronomical example. The EOS is a camera with a lot more of
features -you may discuss if they are useful or not- and they are rather
easy to manipulate. They are easy if you are used to. If you believe that a
camera has to have just the diaphragm ring, the focusing ring and the speed
dial then a EOS is like a spacial ship control board. But if you know
longtime ago how using a computer - I build up mines-, how programming a
VCR, how using a mobil phone with camera or video, a playstation or, even,
iif dpouse force you using home appliances, washing, cooking or anything
like that, I cannot believe you find difficult an EOS. You may hate it, like
Mark, why not?, but it's rather simple using it after some minutes of
reading the instructions booklet.

On the other hand, I use my EOS 1Ds, actually my best camera, and of course
I'll make a try to the R digital back, but I think it's not easy it may work
better. Kodak, with IMACON, the makers of sensor are right now producing the
DCS 14n and testers do not cry marvels about. And in my opinion when the R
back will launch the second generation of EOS 1Ds -probably MKII-will be on
the market so it will be even better. I appreciate my Leicas but I have not
any kind of feeling about. They are just excellent tools for my pleasure.

Lenses, are a different matter. Mainly M lenses. With some exceptions, APO
lenses specially,  I find R system has not such a collection of masterworks
as M one.So the true answer to our dreams could be the M digital. A simple
camera with outsanding lenses. But again the sensor size matters as I want
my 21mm to be a 21mm not a 27 and 28 to be a 28 and not a 36 and so on. And
the finder to have frames according the real view of the lens not as the
Cosina/Epson digital. Leica is the best but has a difficult path in the
future. I sincerely doubt even of his survival. See the Contax case with his
extraordinary RTIII, Probably a walking cadaver.


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