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Subject: [Leica] Re: Kodak BW400CN
From: ericm at (Eric)
Date: Tue May 4 07:34:53 2004
References: <002f01c43167$cad844a0$7e6b0e44@newukolbqveo9i> <002401c4317e$2ab8f020$87d86c18@ted>


>If anything probably the scanner. Not that I'd recommend a Polaroid
>Sprintscan scanner only because it creates more grief than it's worth when
>you're in a hurry and sometimes must insert the same neg a half dozen times
>before the machine finally locks on the right neg to be scanned.

What scanning software are you using?  Do you scan individual frames or in

I've settled on Vuescan.  Did a comparison test a few years ago, and liked
the shadow details I got from Vuescan over the Polaroid-supplied software.
I've found that sometimes the scanner acts up if I'm scanning more than one
frame per strip.  To alleviate that, I just scan one frame at a time.  I
usually just want selected frames, anyway.  I set it up to auto-eject the
strip after each scan, so even if I'm scanning multiple frames per strip, it
gets ejected between each one.  Doing it that way, I rarely have a problem
with it.

That said, I'm extremely happy with how my SprintScan scans.  I keep
knocking on wood that it lives a long life so I don't have to worry about
finding another that scans silver halide film as well.  :)


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