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Subject: [Leica] Leica CL or Konica Hexar AF?
From: timatherton at (Tim Atherton)
Date: Mon May 3 12:52:39 2004

> With the 40mm and the 90mm travel set, it can't be beat ... except by
> a Minolta CLE perhaps with the 28...

Actually, a Minolta CLE was my first "Leica" - it was great - apart from the
metering system, which I hated.

The light meter would only work (if I recall correctly) in something like
aperture priority. It also used the olympus "metering off a pattern on the
film plane" system - which - though it always worked well in my OM's, never
worked very well in this in my experience in terms of getting good
exposures. If you wanted full "manual" control over aperture and shutter you
had to do it without the built in metering. I think that was how it worked,
anyway - it's been 20 years or more. I got a chance to buy my first M6 and
50mm lens at "factory" prices from Leica UK at the time and jumped at it!
(though I used the 90mm Rokkor lens on the M6 for some time after that).

The handling and other mechanics of the camera were just fine - it was the
metering system/choices that were screwy.


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