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Subject: [Leica] New offerings
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sat May 1 13:53:12 2004

It's about 80 in Boston, very summery - and so there are two very non-B.
D. photos at - not that Piglet is my
normal kind of subject either.


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Subject: Re: [Leica] "a few years" for digital pix + solving E-mail

You have to be carefull with your media.Regular cd,s can become
unreadable in less then 5 years. So it makes sense to get the gold
coloured ones and do checks occasionally. Online storage is getting
cheap as well .Just dont archive everything on cheap cd,s and expect
them to keep forever. my 2 cents simon jessurun

|     B.D. Colen properly asks how long a life for digital pix is "a few

| years." When I talked with a Wisconsin dealer on Thursday he mentioned
| like eight or 10 years vs over a hundred years so far for traditional
|     Because I was listening rather than taking notes I don't remember
| exact number but it was surely less than 10 years. He was talking
about both cd's
| and prints.
|    You guys are really pick nitters; I purposely said "a few years"
| than be more precise to avoid a correction.
|    As to some LUGers not receiving some e-mail messages, I'd check
| you are using either McAfee or Norton programs, which can block
certain messages
| from getting through. I'd also check my pop-up blocker.
|    Also, when I was having trouble receiving E-mail from a leading
| organization, I reported it to them and they worked it out within
their own
| organization and I don't know who else but now the e-mails are being
delivered. [To
| help correct the problem, I also sent the e-mail sender copies of
| messages I got on their stuff.]  I'd also check regularly in your Spam
| some e-mail stuff often lands there. -- bob cole 
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