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Subject: [Leica] Re: starbucks
From: Jim at (Jim Hemenway)
Date: Sun Apr 18 14:33:08 2004
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Please take this thread to the Lugforum where it belongs.

Thank You,

Jim -

allan yates wrote:

> Matthew Powell <> wrote:
> On Apr 18, 2004, at 11:38 AM, allan yates wrote:
>>Apparently in the minds of these people, financial success = evil.
> Corporations profiting at the expense of local small businesses, 
> exploiting their employees and suppliers as far as they can? Evil's a 
> bit strong, but I'm certainly opposed
> 1.  If your employer is exploiting you, there is a remedy:  QUIT.  Find another 
>      Find another job, or start your own business.  
>>The world business haters are at their core socialists, masquerading 
>>as "compassionate liberals" and "progressives." The success of 
>>Starbucks proves once again that the free enterprise system works, and 
>>that America works.
> It doesn't work for the local coffeeshops who can't compete with the 
> Starbucks onslaught, does it?
> 2.  In my area, we have three Starbucks.  None of the small, locally owned
>      coffee houses have gone down the tubes as a result.  This may not be the      case everywhere, but the fact remains that some perservere regardless.
>>It also proves that socialism is a failure for everyone except 
>>aspiring autocrats who are greedy for power and those who are 
>>"entitled" to the fruits of everyone else's labor while they do 
>>nothing of value.
> Gosh, where were you when I had to go in for advising at university - I 
> could have saved myself a lot of trouble by just majoring in autocracy. 
> If only I had known.
> 3.  Ah!  Ridicule from the alleged enlightened and intellectually superior - 
>      what a surprise.

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