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Subject: [Leica] And I Still Say It's a Pooch, But TRhat Is Beside the Point
From: buzz.hausner at (Buzz Hausner)
Date: Sun Apr 18 14:31:13 2004

Yo, Sonny!

	I was the one who maintained that the 135 Elmarit is a pooch of
a lens for reasons I will not reiterate here.

	However, I have also often stated that I don't think focus and
exposure have all that much to do with great photographs.  I believe
that if people spent less time obsessing about incremental increases and
decreases in equipment "quality" and put that mental effort into taking
more and stronger pictures, they would dramatically increase the quality
of their photographs.  At the end of the day, if a photograph is truly
an astonishing image,  it will have made absolutely no difference if it
had been taken at 5.6 with a Noctilux, Summilux, Summicron or
Elmarit...great images are amazingly resistant to arguments over lens

	Buzz Hausner

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Subject: Re: [Leica] New pics - Noct and 135 Elmarit

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The  first one was taken with the goggled 135  Elmarit:
MP,  135 Elmarit, f/2.8@1/50th, bounce flash,  E100GX

Those of us who, like you have to live  with the "terrible" performance
the 135 goggled Elmarit share your  pain.  Maybe if we spent lots more
money we 
could extract decent  portraiture from the (what was it he called the
oh yes, "pooch."   Seriously, that is a lovely shot.
Though the URL was off on the  Noctilux, it was easy to find. Sometimes
love Noctilux output at f1,  othertimes, as in  a couple of your plant
shots, the 
"bokey" makes me  slightly seasick.  

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