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Subject: [Leica] Re: starbucks
From: allan_yates at (allan yates)
Date: Sun Apr 18 13:58:45 2004

Yuppie line jumpers do what people let them get away with - it isn't so hard to say, "take your ass to the back of the line and wait your turn, just like the rest of us."  98% of  these people are used to getting away with this type of crap because people let them. 
 Anyone who is so spineless that they can't say no to such obnoxious behavior deserves what they get. As for the other 2%, they may get snotty about it, but so what?  Is our society so far gone that the overriding rule has become "biggest prick gets right of way??"
As far as healthy people taking the handicapped spots,  they are just scumbags.  Too bad the police don't enforce the handicapped parking zones.  Last I heard, it was a law, not a suggestion.

Jon <> wrote:
"My experience has been that Starbuck's service is indifferent and
impersonal at best and downright condescending or rude at worst. This, I
believe, is typical of businesses where the personnel is either untrained or
poorly trained. Starbuck is a trendy hangout where the trendy are more
welcome than the average. I patronize businesses where I am treated like a
human being, not a walking wallet. Joe"

I am not a Starbuck's fan, but I have never experienced anything but great
service at any of their outlets. Trendy hang-out? I lived in as about a
trendy area as can be imagined San Jose, CA. The usual crowd at the Hamilton
Ave. location would include a cluster of students discussing problems in one
corner, housewives with babies enjoying a cup with friends, a couple of
homeless guys (with their shopping carts outside) getting some warmth. Then
their was always the "Yuppie" who would drive up in his/her Hummer or Ford
Exploder, park in the handicap space and walk in the store cell phone in
hand talking loud enough that Helen Keller wouldn't miss a word and yes they
were always in a hurry and would anyone mind if they went to the front of
the line? I had a client last week that is a Starbuck's manager....she is
well compensated. She told me all about the different employee
benefits....impressive! It is a good outfit to work for, someplace unlike
Golden Arches, Starbucks does offer a career. The biggest gripe I have heard
about Starbucks is whether or not their coffee is "Fair Traded" She said
that Starbuck's makes every effort to assure they are buying Fair Trade. We
have a local roaster here in Olympia Batdorf & Bronson that has spectacular
coffee! She said she loved their coffee too but then Batdorf could buy the
exceptional small productions. Starbucks had to buy sufficient beans for
20,000 locations

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