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Subject: [Leica] Leica camera review OFF-LIST
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Apr 8 13:54:18 2004

Screwed THAT up. Anyway, read for yourselves. (And as an aside, I
wouldn't expect ANY 5 mgp P&S to produce good prints at 400 iso. ;-)) B.

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Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 4:42 PM
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Subject: RE: [Leica] Leica camera review OFF-LIST

Hi, Gerry -
After I read that review I sent Bill Pierce an Email asking him if he
had tested the camera at 100 iso, given his description of the great
prints at 13x19 - Here's his response...
BD -

You're dead right.  With all the p&p, my tendency is
to work around 100iso.  Truth is, I have some friends
who think that is the only way to go with the bigger
cameras - but they're studio folks.

I've looked into some of these "grain filter"
programs.  Don't think much of the few I've tried. 
Canon has an anti noise one that works with raw files
that may turn out to be pretty good.

My answer is to make the final print in
black-and-white.  Of course, being an elderly Tri-X
freak, I do that a lot anyway.  That way the noise
looks like grain.  Grain is silver noise.  Sometimes I
even sharpen a little.  Ugly as hell with noisy color
pics, but just gives you the "Rodinal look" with b&w
if you don't go nuts.

Anyway, I haven't found a noiseless, high film speed point-and-push yet.
Working with the new $1000 Canon.  8 megs and still somewhat noisy at EI
400.  Killer camera though.  I just print in b&w and dream of a 20 meg
Leica M.


--- "B. D. Colen" <> wrote:
> Hi, Bill -
> One question - at what ISO did you perform your
> tests? The problem with
> most of the 5 mgp digital P&S cameras is that with
> their small chip
> size, they may be fine at 100 iso, but by the time
> you get to 400 -
> which is slow compared to the DSLRs - they are
> getting obnoxiously
> noisy.
> Best,
> B. D.
> B. D. Colen

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Subject: [Leica] Leica camera review

In case you haven't noticed, the camera review in this months Digital 
Journalist is the Leica Digilux 2. Go to:

Gerry Walden LRPS
+44 23 8046 3076

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