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Subject: [Leica] did I miss out on b&h's April fools day or something?
From: SonC at (
Date: Mon Apr 5 06:25:06 2004

Jerry is correct that the cut option in many email clients is grayed.   The 
option "copy" is usually available after something is selected with the  mouse.
The easiest way to "cut and paste" in Windows is this:  
Click and hold the left button of the mouse down and drag the cursor over  
the material you want to select.   
Once you have selected it, let up on the mouse button.  The material  
selected should be highlighted.
Hold down the Ctrl key and press "C"
Move your cursor to the address area of your browser and click  the left 
Hold down the Ctrl key and press the letter "V"   
The URL should be written in the slot for you.  Press Enter, and the  browser 
should take you to that url.
In a message dated 4/5/2004 2:22:52 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

> How  should I know why my computer can't cut and paste?  There is
> no  wording anywhere of "cut" except in inaccessible 'gray' under  edit.

Jerry, I'm not real good at windows, but I think it remains gray  until you
mark something with the mouse. It is only then that it knows  there is
something that _can_ be cut and the "cut" option becomes  active.

The same with "paste". You have to copy or cut something that  has been
marked before the "paste" option will become  active.



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